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The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles Diocesan Investment Trust (DIT) was created in 1949 as a valuable service from the Diocese offered to our congregations and institutions. It has been used over time to relieve local churches and church affiliates of the burden and worry of oversight of monies which need to last and grow over time for the church's purposes.

Approximately 150 shareholders representing a variety of churches and church institutions are invested in the DIT. The account size ranges from hundreds to millions of dollars. Transactions in or out are restricted to the end of each calendar month.

Two Investment Options Available
In 2006 the Trustees introduced a new investment option for shorter-term investment needs - the DIT Monthly Money Market Fund.  The original DIT offering has been renamed the  Diocesan Investment Trust Long-Term Diversified Fund.

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New Investment Manager
The Diocesan Investment Trust has selected Wilshire Associates, a Los Angeles firm, as its investment advisor, replacing the Frank Russell Company, according to a letter sent to shareholders on Oct. 12, 2012 by Bishop Diocesan J. Jon Bruno. "While the DIT has benefitted  greatly from FRC's expertise and management for the past nine years, we believe the approach that Wilshire Associates offers will enhance our ability to meet performance goals. To that end, the Trustees look forward to working with Wilshire Associates, a firm 100% owned by active key employees who have a vested interest in exceeding client expectations. (Full text of the letter is here.)


Asset Allocation Mix

The asset allocation is automatically rebalanced when any of the asset classes vary by more than plus or minus three percentage points from the percentages below.


Wilshire US Equity Fund 32% 32% US Equity Institutional Trust Fund
Wilshire non-US Equity Fund 21% 21% Non-US Equity Institutional Trust Fund
Wilshire Core Fixed Income Fund 20% 15% High Grade Fixed Income Institutional Trust Fund
Credit Opportunities Fund 15% 20% Specialty Fixed Income Institutional Trust Fund
Wilshire Real Assets Fund 12% 12% Diversified Inflation Hedges Institutional Trust Fund
TOTAL 100% 100%    

*If you are interested in obtaining Wilshire Associates fund information, please contact Matthew Butler at NRS via phone at 781-970-5057 or via email at NRS_DITLA@nrstpa.com



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